4 Benefits You Don’t Know About Decluttering

About 5 years ago, I was living alone with the luxury of space. I collected all kinds of stuff I considered “cool”. Stuff built up over time from no where. Eventually whenever I returned home looking for a haven, seeing these stuff exhausted me.

That was the moment I decided to start decluttering my life and live minimally. And with that decision, it propelled me to create many other habits in my life.

During this journey, I learned about the one thing that makes habit stick. That is to be very honest with yourself on the question: what is your driver?

There are several reasons why decluttering at all levels of life is good for anyone:

Decluttering your mind gives more peace of mind.

  • You have less things to worry about and your mind is free
  • Focus on your thought and task at hand becomes easier
  • You have more space in mind to learn and create new ideas

Decluttering your life helps your productivity

  • You have less to prioritize
  • You have less to work with so you can get more done
  • You will get more energy out of whatever that you do

Decluttering gives you more resources for things that matter

  • You can add value in other people’s life through giving away your stuff
  • More time is freed up in your agenda for your loved ones
  • You have less debt, and more money for your essential goals

Decluttering sets you free

  • Less strings attached to your life
  • You can go anywhere you want today

My biggest driver for decluttering is to have a quiet mind. And it could be different for you. Honestly ask yourself, what matters most to you? Time? Money? Peace? Freedom? Find out what matters to you and accept that as your anchor for change.

So, what is important to you in your life?

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4 Benefits You Don’t Know About Decluttering
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One thought on “4 Benefits You Don’t Know About Decluttering

  • September 30, 2015 at 6:10 pm

    I absolutely agree! Clutter drives me insane! I can’t focus, I can’t relax and needless to say, can’t even enjoy where I’m at!
    However, my biggest struggle is, organization. I have two small children that I homeschool, and we do lots of arts and crafts, they also go to a church night for kids every Wednesday so they bring home their work or crafts. Anyway, I have lots of things that I do not want to just get rid of but need a way to organize papers, crafts and toys, etc.


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