Essential Tips On Dealing With Major Life Changes – Part 3 of 3

Change can be destructive as the worst storm ever.

~The Quiet Wisdom

Why do I say that? Take notice of the news these days. The storm came and left. You will see the debris left all over the place everywhere.

What happens if you don’t pick it up? They’ll always be there if nobody come forward to deal with them. Actions need to take place for anything to happen. That’s one irrefutable yet most rational rule of life.

Last year a coworker of mine has suddenly passed away. We shared a lot of things in common and built a good bond over time. But we had never met each other in person because we both were located in different countries.

You can say that the loss was actually technically invisible. Everything I saw around me that day was exactly the same as the day before. Even if something invisible has disappeared, the loss has left behind a black hole in my head that I could not ignore.

My mind instinctively healed itself with new memories. But deep inside of me, the loss remained. I knew I needed to reach out to this coworker’s family which had no clue who I was.

This incident taught me a lot. I learned that regardless how invisible or insignificant an event in life appears to be, I could be affected in a way I didn’t realize. However there is always something we can learn from everything.

My quiet reflection from this incident helped me to realize how much I valued relationship and connection. My introversion behavior may not show much outwardly affection. But moments like these reminded me to take action and do something differently.

Time waits for no one. Have you recently been going through major change in your life? If you have fully accepted the change in your life, here are some tips to help you find ways of getting back into the game of life.

See change as an opportunity.

Be open to experience different paths available around you. If you notice that you feel happier with a different path, this would be the opportunity for you to continue on the new path you discovered. Happiness is just down the road once you continue heading forward.

Job loss can lead to career change and having different kind of people in your lives.
Loss of loved ones forces you to experience the power of birth and death. I remember this feeling clearly. And it has helped me appreciate people around me even more.

Rediscover your life with a purpose.

Take some time for yourself to be on your own quietly. Assess the path you have been on. Be honest with yourself.

Why are you leading the way you live your life? Why did you feel certain way about moving on from this change? Notice your doubts and fears.

What is the root of such feelings? Uncover the reason of why some assumptions have been in place. If you can clear your mind and imagine the future, you will feel the courage building in you. It is the courage that will help you break these assumptions.

Stay optimistic.

Focus on the good memories you have built in the past. Think about the future and opportunities of limitless good memories that you can still create. Be proud of yourself that you are ready to move on from where you were.

Harvest strength from the pride you have with yourself.

Let go. You have been through enough. It is time.

Imagine yourself standing at the edge of a cliff. I know that sometimes, letting go is just as nerve wrecking as that. You have the bubbling energy inside of you ready to be let go.

Go to the nature, or a safe and quiet space that you can scream freely. Let it out. Let it go. Give yourself a ceremony to celebrate your new life. Everything will be ok.

Courage is not the absence of fear. Courage is the action you take in the presence of fear.

The beginning of any major life changes is the toughest. But once you manage to get through that, you still need to pick up the pieces and find strength to move on.

What is the one thing you did to accept major changes in your life?

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Essential Tips On Dealing With Major Life Changes – Part 3 of 3
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