How To Start Decluttering Your Life And Feeling Joyful Today

The best way to find out what we really need is to get rid of what we don’t.

~ Marie Kondo

When you start decluttering your life, you have less clutter and more space in your mind for joy. You will find it easier to be joyful in your life.

When I moved to Europe, I started with a clean slate. I packed my life in a few suitcases and I left. About two years after living at the same place, I decided to move. I was surprised by how much stuffs I gathered within short 24 months.

I had nearly 400 postcards given by my friends and collected from bars. I didn’t usually buy travel souvenirs. But once in a while, I would buy a statue from Huaraz in Peru, or that hand painted sand art from Myanmar. I thought they were better than fridge magnets. It was a lot of clutter.

The date to move out was getting nearer. I spent the last few weeks leading up to moving company’s arrival just avoiding to deal with the stuffs. I spent many moments sitting on the floor, stunned, staring into my closet full of stuff. I wanted to stand up and walk away. I no longer felt joy anymore. It was stressful.

I knew that walking away was just procrastinating what I really needed. Decluttering my life was necessary. And it had to start somewhere.

In fact, I realized that decluttering my life needed to first start from my home. I decided to do it one room at a time. After going through all the rooms in my house, I stood amazed at the space that I gained.

My mind became free and quiet. The freedom came from feeling nothing attached to me physically and emotionally. The noise in my head was gone whenever I came home. There was more space in my mind for joyful thoughts.

I didn’t think it was possible to deal with my clutter that eventually filled up four boxes. But after I finished it, I felt motivated to go at it again. If you have space for joy in your life, joy will flow in very quickly. That spreads to the other parts of your life after you embrace decluttering.

Question is, how do you deal with a mountain heap of stuff that overwhelms you in your house? How do you sort through thousand of posts, emails and years worth of photos? The question is: where do you start if you decide to declutter your life today?

Here the six important tips from the best decluttering expert for you to start decluttering your life today. One of the easiest option is to start from your home.

Tip #1 from – Start small, start now:

Small success motivates welcoming motivation for the long overhaul. One thing I did was to take a 5 minutes “declutter” break whenever my head was full. Allocate the a short five to ten minutes of your day to declutter. This will help decluttering to blend into your life.

If you start with one small area at a time, it makes success more attainable. Start with the a shelf, a book rack, a corner nearest to you now. Take everything off the space, sort through them, only put back what you really need. Once you finish that, be proud of yourself.

Tip #2 from – Ask for Help

If you are staying with someone, share with this person why you want to declutter. Involve them from the start and include them in your decision-making process. Involve your family and friends to help you. Ask them to decide together with you or taking the stuff away to charity. The power of two or more is always stronger than one.

Tip #3 from – Use Four Box Method

If you face with a pile of stuff to sort through, deciding whether to keep it or not seems impossible. Build a process around decluttering. Use Four Box Method. Label three boxes each with: “Put Away”, “Give Away/Sell” and “Storage. Keep your thrash can for the category “Throw Away”. Pick up the things from the pile. Ask yourself: Have you used it in a week? Or a month? Do you like it? Decide and place them on the right pile. For “Give Away/Sell” pile, you can give away to your local charity, sell them on craig’s list, regift to your friends that needs it.

Tip #4 from – Focus on your purging rules

Once you put your stuff in the box, keep yourself from taking them back. Notice the resistance that you feel when you put the things away. But focus on the process: pick it up, sort, put away, repeat. Follow the purging rules you have set to decide which one goes and which ones stays.

Tip #5 from – Keep a regular rhythm

Schedule decluttering into your life or create a trigger that helps to bring decluttering as a practice. What works for me is to see decluttering as solution to my daily life. It became a trigger for me to declutter my space whenever I feel cluttered. Be mindful of your thoughts and body as you declutter. If this is just another to-do item, you will not like to do it. But if you can learn to notice the change decluttering brings to you, it will become more enjoyable over time. And you will love it as much as I do.

Tip #6 from – Rome wasn’t built in one day

Assess your life, what else? The beauty in decluttering in chunks is you get to celebrate more frequently along the way. When you notice more gets done, the resistance of doing will reduce over time. If you are playing a bigger game, start from asking yourself honest questions – “What do you really need to get through Monday to Sunday?” Pick one, and there goes you next challenge.

These six steps will not clear all the stuffs from your house in a day. If you enjoy doing them in one small chunk, then you will want to start the second cycle. Eventually, you will enjoy the process of decluttering your life and your home will become minimal in no time.

When your life has no clutter, your mind will be free. You will find it easier to be present in your life. Little things in life become obvious to you. When you start to appreciate the small things, you will find many reasons to be happy and joyful.

It was the best change that triggered many other changes in my life.

Are you currently decluttering your life? What is the one purging you always stick to? How do you feel after you declutter?

How To Start Decluttering Your Life And Feeling Joyful Today
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