Do you think before you speak?

Would trade anything for extra time at home after a long day?

Do you enjoy your alone time so much that you always wonder why?

Do you shine at a party happily and always leave early to recharge at home?


Whether you are an introvert or ambivert, it can be a lonely feeling when nobody around you seems to understand the rollercoaster thoughts pilling up in your head. I have been there.


This site is dedicated to help anyone that wants to better understand the introverted intuition, thinking or feeling that introverts or ambiverts have.

Every week, a few posts will be published on this site with the aim to clarify the myths around introversion and help introverts to get ahead in work, life and relationship.

I dream of the day when introverts unite and inspire the world to appreciate the diversity in our thoughts and talents within our society.


Remember. You’re not alone.


This is how our Quiet Journey looks like. The goal is to create Quiet Gladiators, that are aware of their needs, confident that they add value, transform into massive actions takers and lastly a well-rounded Quiet Gladiator.

Our Quiet Journey


Our first step towards awareness is to understand our introversion. Check out this great survey and study by Scott Barry Kaufman. I’ve created a printable PDF document that can be useful.

Start reading about introversion, on our blog, but also check out the resources page with great references. These are most popular and helpful blogpost from The Quiet Wisdom.


Every Quiet Gladiator started with small steps, in our 30 Day Quiet Gladiator Challenge you will take these small steps towards more confidence. Luckily not alone no, we’ve set up a private community on Facebook.

Sign up for our Training Guide and be the first to know when the 30 day Quiet Gladiator Challenge when it’s available.


Gradually you will crave more, at this stage you might want to work with Jo Lynn on specific development areas. Check out our Coaching page for more information.

Quiet Gladiator

As seasoned Gladiator, you are fearless. It takes hard work and desire to serve others to get to this step.

How can you get involved?

Do you have a story about a specific challenge you have overcome? We all would love to be inspired by your story. Use your words to help other introverts. Write down your story in the contact form. I will get in touch with you. Yes, I read all my emails!

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